Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe Inc. is a chain of theme restaurants founded in 1971 in London. Hard Rock has 191 locations in 59 countries, including 168 cafes, 23 hotels, and 11 casinos.


• Create a new Mobile App to enhance the customer’s complete journey: pre-visit; on-site, and post-experience.
• Improve the customer experience through great UX/UI, effective use of native device capability, location-based technology and effective use of content and features.
• High-level App KPI’s: Ensure ongoing app usage; Increase revenue per visit; Improve Hard Rock customer experience
• Keep it simple/easy; experience must be shopable; create a hub for fresh content


• Usability: Issues with text, user controls, navigation, design
• Experience is not seamless across HR properties and digital channels
• Booking flow is varied and not universally optimized
• App not optimized for speed and performance (page load)


Initial workshop sketches (l-r) onsite schedule w/filter overlay, home screen


Initial workshop sketches (l-r) onsite map, pin collector rewards screen



• Global Header: All Hard Rock brand logos available in drop-down (left). Streaming sound icon for HR music (right) and My Account log-in icon (far-right).
• Upcoming trip reminder. Opens to overlay with pre-arrival preferences.
• Dynamic Image carousel: Hero images of mix of Hard Rock experiences.
• Personalized recommendations based on user location, preferences and past behaviors. First-time users see café, hotel and casino recommendations based on user location.




• Discovery: Search hotels and experiences by country (clickable global map and search results)
• Rewards log-in from home screen
• Quick-book functionality: From home screen users can search and book
• Customize your Experience Overlay with pre-arrival preferences:
- View Itinerary with activity recommendations
- Food & Beverage, and Spa options
- Guitar Icon: Reservations
- Relevant offers based on the upcoming trip
- Concierge icon -access to all guest services (e.g. request early check-in)



• Logged-in user; “on-site” mode
• Dynamic Top Navigation with distinct functionality and contextual content
• Itinerary Builder – Overview of available experiences
• Itinerary View – Create and manage the experience. Select icon representing offers and recommendations, based on user location.
• Global footer
- Concierge Bell: Access to all guest services and chat
- Jacket icon: Hard Rock merchandise for browsing and buying
- Location icon: Access to Interactive property map (see next slide)
- Camera: launch device camera




• Location-aware Map: This view enables users to:
- View and share their current location
- View location of others in their group
- See icons and reminder for upcoming events and reservations

• Message Center: Content area for alerts and notifications
- Hyper-local offers and promotions (supported by beacon technology)
- Event and reservation reminders
- Messages from Hard Rock and/or other on-site guests



User has selected “relive” from top navigation.

• Relive: A content zone for moments, memories and experiences
• “Timeline” view of their experiences and images of the memories they captured and uploaded
• Showcase of images tagged and shared via Instagram (eg#HardRock) or images personalized in-app with Hard Rock Travel Posters
• CTA: While reflecting on their recent experience, users can start to search and plan their next Hard Rock experience