Nikon Mentor Series

Mentor Series is an instructive program for travel and photography enthusiasts produced by Popular Photography magazine, sponsored by Nikon. For over 15 years, Mentor Series has traveled the globe, educating their "trekkers" on a broad range of photography and video techniques, with hands-on instruction by world-class professional photographers.



• We heard from your users that previous versions of the site were too text heavy and visually congested. Additionally, they felt that the navigation to account pages, and for the purchase and checkout flow were complicated.

• In addition, our users also indicated that they wanted more information about upcoming treks. The homepage now features two different sets of information for upcoming trips. A large carousel for the three immediate treks, and smaller snapshots for the following three programs.

• User feedback indicated that our users were extremely proactive and dedicated to learning about their craft, so the site needed to incorporate additional opportunities for interaction and community building. We developed areas of the site for our trekkers to tell their stories, post their images, connect with each other and our mentors.


Card sorting exercise working with navigational elements.


Key updates included larger and higher-quality trek images, less copy, and had a simplified navigation.


In-process samples of color mock-ups for improved Home and Upcoming Treks screens


Final redesigned homepage