Uline Mobile App

Uline is the leading distributor of shipping, industrial and packaging materials to businesses throughout North America.


• Redesign the Uline PLP for their Bulk Cargo Containers. Design for mobile.
• Create a more-clear purchase path for existing users as well as for new mobile users.


Analytics, Market Research, Interviews with stakeholders, Sketching, Site mapping, Wireframing and prototyping (Axure)



• Based on the multiple points of entry for box products throughout the site, (i.e., five links on homepage including footer) boxes are a key product for Uline. Maintaining this traffic is critical to their business, which includes growing Mobile traffic and purchases.

• The majority of users connect to website (desktop) from work. Offerings are more B2B leaning.

• Less than 20% of traffic comes from Search.

• Most users are familiar with box products (office managers, industrial sector, factories, small business owners), and know what they want before they get to the site. Price is less a consideration than the correct box.

• On interior box product pages, users do not get the specific box search tools found only on the top level box product page. This suggests that currently, users are not using product specific search within the category. They are possibly relying on bookmarks, account history, and working directly with CSRs.

• But, for inbound traffic that goes to interior pages from search, some product specific search tools are needed because the current design doesn’t give any direction or indication that these tools exist. There are no direct links on the Bulk Cargo page to get to the Search By Size, Size Listing, or Box Guide creating friction for new users, and potentially hurting overall growth of the Uline mobile product.



Early sketches and wireframes


Early low-fidelity prototype


Final annotated wireframe